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Ik Multimedia Sampletank XL 2

Sampletank XL 2

VST/MAS/RTAS compatible sampler/synth engine

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Ik Multimedia

SampleTank 2 XL Contains 1,500 sounds, more than 4.5GB of samples, on 8 CDs.


More powerful than any sampler. More sounds than any sound module. SampleTank 2 gives you instant access to an unlimited world of superb sounds.

Complete control over every aspect of your sounds. Exclusive STRETCH (SampleTank Time REsynthesys TeCHnology), pitch-shift/time-stretch synthesis, and traditional resampling synthesis put control of tempo, tune and harmonics at your fingertips.

Lighting fast access to the richest, most realistic sound quality ever
produced by software or hardware instruments. Thousands of native sounds already available, plus the ability to import unlimited WAV, AIFF, SDII, AKAI, and SAMPLECELL files.

Top-notch features like 32 built-in award-winning effects, 16 multitimbral layerable parts, full synth-sampler engine control, single-sample editing, loop sync, portamento, keyword search, and loads more…

The wortld's most advanced sample based sound workstation is here: SAMPLETANK 2

More power than any sampler

SampleTank 2 launches sampling technology into new dimensions. For the first time in a sample-based instrument, 3 synth engines can be switched on the fly to provide more flexibility than ever before: traditional resampling, pitch-shift/time-stretch and the new STRETCH engine give you total control over Tempo, Tune and Harmonics. STRETCH (SampleTank Time REsynthesys TeCHnology) delivers incredibly rich, vibrant, and natural quality instrument sounds with full-control of tempo, tune and frequencies distribution to tailor tone and push sound design to the limits of your imagination.

More sounds than any sound module

SampleTank 2 beats any existing sound module for sound availability, variety, quality and expandibility. More than 5,000 native sounds are already available, and you can import unlimited sounds to take advantage of the exclusive synthesis engine. Import your own WAV, AIFF, SDII for loops and multisampled banks, plus read thousands of high-quality libraries in AKAI and SampleCell formats directly from the plug-in.

Full control over Synth-Sampler engine

SampleTank 2 allows full access to more than 50 synth-engine parameters, including filters, envelopes, LFOs, velocity, and the new switchable engines function, for unprecedented fine tuning and sound tweaking. The traditional "user" controls of SampleTank are still available for immediate tuning of dedicated instrument parameters. The new portamento feature provides exceptional monophonic performance.

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16 layerable parts, full Mix control

The new Mix area provides complete, light-speed control over SampleTank's 16 multitimbral parts. Instant access to MIDI channel, Solo, Mute, Empty, Polyphony, Volume and Pan allows total control of up to 16-part mixing. The Mix Panel's instrument layering feature makes it easy to build amazing, 16-part layered sounds.

Enhanced instruments browsing, sound Data Base

Enhanced instruments browsing allows lighting fast access to thousands of sounds. The new collapsable folders structure makes SampleTank 2 the fastest sound browsing system ever made. Its integrated sound data base uses factory or user keywords for instant access to the perfect sounds.

Loop Sync feature

This exclusive new feature allows you to sync any Loop to the sequencer tempo with a single click and sync various Loops together with extreme ease. Loops can be stretched using one of the 3 available synth engines: resampling, pitch-shift/time-stretch or STRETCH, for everything from rich natural sounds to unique experimental sonic textures.

Zone Control for super accurate single sample editing

The new Zone Control allows you to dedicate SampleTank 2's overall features to edit a single sample with surgical precision. You can even STRETCH a single sample in a traditional resampled bank, and use Zone Control to edit samples with a simple key stroke.

32 DSP effects to choose from – Use up to 5 effects per instrument

SampleTank 2 is loaded with a huge arsenal of 32 award winning DSP effects – that's more effects than any other virtual instrument! New breath-taking effects include IK's renowned Amp and Cabinet simulators, new analog Phaser, Paramatric EQ, Compressor, Limiter and other effects for the richest, most realistic sounds imaginable. With an additional effects slot, SampleTank 2 allows up to 5 effects to be inserted for each instrument, offering more sound design flexibility and creativity than any other sampler or sound module.

Convenient Preset and Module Save and Back Up functions

Preset sounds can be saved as "child" sounds and modifications easily stored. Plus, Module Save stores the complete 16 part SampleTank 2 module, for fast and easy recall of customized sounds. You can even back up your session with one click for the fastest file exchange available. SampleTank 2 files can also be transparently swapped among different platfoms using a sequencer or OS.

Full MIDI integration: MIDI Controls and Program Change

Any of SampleTank2's controls can now be associated to any MIDI source with just one click. You can control all features on the fly, including STRETCH, for amazing live performances. Plus any standard MIDI program change can be associated to any of SampleTank 2 sounds, for instant live recall or for building the ultimate General MIDI set.

256 note polyhony

Every SampleTank 2 sound module can play up to 256 notes polyphony with per-instrument polyphony management.

Supports every platform and OS

SampleTank 2 is the only sample-based sound workstation truly supporting all platforms in all operative systems, including Pro Tools, VST, AU, DXi, and MAS in MacOS9, MacOSX and Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP.


16 parts multitimbral sound module with layerable parts.
New mix view and full mix parameters control.
3 synth engines: new STRETCH and Pitch-shift/Time-stretch plus traditional Resampling.
New enhanced instruments browsing.
New total sound editing with full access to 50 Synth-Sampler engine controls.
New Portamento feature for added realism.
New Loop Sync feature for precision and flexibility.
New Zone feature for single sample accurate editing.
Now with 32 built-in DSP effects
- EQ/Comp
- Reverb, Spring Reverb, Ambience, Reverb Delay, Delay
- Filter, Envelope Filter, Multi Filter, Wah-Wah
- Chorus, Multi Chorus, Phaser, AM Modulation, FM Modulation, Flanger, Envelope Flanger
- Auto Pan, Tremolo, Rotary Speaker
- Lo-Fi, Distortion, Phonograph, Crusher, Overdrive
- Pre Amp, Tone Control, Cabinet
- Param EQ, Channel Strip, Compressor, Limiter
- Slicer
Now capable of 5 effects per voice.
Easy to use full MIDI control.
Now responds to MIDI Program change.
Now imports WAV, AIFF, SDII, AKAI® S-1000/3000 and SAMPLECELL directly from the plug-in.
New user preset and module save features.
Convenient back up function.
Customizable keywords and sound search function with integrated sounds database.
256 notes polyphony.
Customizable display colors.
Available as VST, RTAS, DXi, AU, MAS.
For MacOS9, MacOSX, Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP.
New high-quality sounds included in both L and XL version.
More than 5.000 native sounds already available from world-class sound designers including SonicReality, AMG, Masterbits and IK Multimedia.

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