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Edirol MA20D


MA-20D Digital Stereo Near Field Powered Monitors

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In a continued commitment to service the higher-end consumer and hobbyist, Edirol has released the MA-20D speakers. These attractive Near-field Monitors boast impressive sound capabilities - two 20-Watt amplifiers and a stylish black & silver design. Building on the widely popular, MA-10 series, the MA-20D’s have twice the power and all the style of the MA-10’s. They include the same functionality of the MA-10D and MA-10DBK speakers; including Treble & Bass controls, two independent Volume controls, S/PDIF digital input, and a headphone out. Each speaker in a MA-20D pair is individually powered with its own amplifier and have a bigger woofer for a better low-end response.

• Superb Response for unparalleled Sound Quality in its price range.
• 20W x 20W power in a 2-way Bass-reflex design
• Power Amp in each speaker for uniform stereo sound
• 4-3/4” Woofer for good punch and excellent Bass Response
• 24-bit/96 kHz capable S/PDIF connections

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UPC: 761294081716

Rated Power Output
20W(Left) x 20W(Right)

Woofer: 120mm, 4-3/4 inches
Tweeter: 25mm, 1inch

Bass-reflex type

Sample Rate Support
96/48/44.1/32 kHz, 24-bit

Front: Bass, Treble, Volume 1, Volume 2, Power switch
Rear: Optical/Coaxial Selection Switch

Input Connectors
RCA (L/R), Stereo mini, S/PDIF optical inputs (front and rear), S/PDIF coaxial input

Output Connectors
Headphones (Stereo mini)

170 x 230 x 280 mm, 6-3/4 x 9-1/16 x 11-1/16 inches

Right: 4.1kg / 9 lbs 1 oz
Left: 4.0kg/ 8 lbs 14oz

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