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Seymour Duncan SSL5 Custom Staggered Strat

Seymourized version of the SSL1, stronger magnetic field and custom coil

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Seymour Duncan

Though it looks like the SSL-1 and has that distinct vintage tone, the SSL-5's over-wound coil yields higher output, more sustain and great harmonics. The result is a pickup that rocks hard and cuts through the mix, but cleans up nicely when you back off the volume. Includes white cover. Calibrated set available with RW/RP middle pickup. Many players use an SSL-5 in the bridge position with vintage output pickups, like SSL-1's, in the neck and middle for tonal versatility. Perfect for Texas blues rock, classic rock and heavy rock.

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MPN: 11202-05
UPC: 800315002528

Every detail is included to duplicate the bell-like tone and the high-end bite that made the vintage Strat® famous.

Neck/Middle/Bridge Position

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