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Rolls PS27

12 VDC Power Adapter

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The PS27 is the main DC adapter for Rolls it outputs 12Vdc @ 200ma. has a 6 foot cord with a DC connector on the end, tip negative barrel positive.

The Rolls PS27s is a 15 volt/ 200 milliamp power supply that was designed to provide clean, reliable power for Rolls devices, many of which are rated at 12 volt / 200 milliamp draw. The reason Rolls uses a 15 volt power supply is to provide ample power reserves for their devices and not stress the power supply. The devices have no problem connecting to a 15 volt power supply because they will only draw the power they need to operate.

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UPC: 675889002706

  • Output 12Vdc 200ma.
  • Input 120VAC 12VA
  • Weight 6oz. 0.17Kg
  • 2" X 2.5" X 1.5"

  • 12VDC 200ma output
  • 2.1 X 5.5mm tip -(neg) DC plug connector
  • 6 foot cord from wall adapter

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