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Furman HR-6SPLT


Star Module (for use with HDS-6)

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HR-6SPLT Star Module is a cable connection splitter for use with
the Furman HDS-6 Headphone Distribution Center. The HR-6SPLT allows up to five Furman HR-6ís to be
connected in parallel with standard CAT-5 cables of any length. The HR-6SPLTís compact design makes it easy to
mount to any wall or panel; no internal wiring or assembly is required. It features shielded construction for
immunity to hum and RF noise, and its passive design requires no external power.
The parallel connections of up to five HR-6ís is easily accomplished by connecting the blue and gray CAT-5 output cables from the HDS-6 base station into the HR-6SPLT input. A pair of CAT-5 cables is then connected to the input of a HR-6.

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Though it is important to maintain identity of gray and blue cables throughout these
connections, any standard CAT-5 cable will work.
The HR-6SPLT is fully encased and shielded, making placement non-critical.

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