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Dean Markley La Jolla Active

La Jolla Active

Acoustic Guitar West Coast Series Pickup

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Dean Markley

Dean Markley's West Coast Series™ La Jolla™ Active™ pickup is a true stereo pickup system with incredibly great tone and natural acoustic reproduction.}

The La Jolla™ Active™ pickup system perfectly unites the Gold River™ Accelerator Jack™ with two world-class pickups, the Dean Markley Tahoe™ magnetic sound-hole pickup and the Barstow™ Gold-Plated transducer pickup. The Barstow™ transducer pickup is connected to a discrete Class A preamp housed inside the Gold River™ Accelerator Jack™. The Tahoe™ (a passive pickup needing no preamp) is wired to the passive channel of the Gold River™, going directly to your amplifier system. This specially designed Gold River™ Accelerator Jack™ increases headroom, expands tone and output, and is completely internal.

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The La Jolla™ Active™ stereo system allows you to enjoy the wonderful tone benefits of each style of pickup. In this stereo system, each pickup may be EQ'd separately for a fat, rich tone with clean, defined mids, and crystal-clear highs. The Tahoe™ sound-hole magnetic pickup produces excellent bass, mid-range, and high-end response, while the Barstow™ transducer provides you with a more "transparent" mid-range and glassy highs.

In the past, guitarists have "improvised" similar systems, but the La Jolla™ Active™ is truly the first complete stereo unit with "voiced and matched" components. (You need a stereo Y cable to enjoy all the La Jolla™ stereo features.)
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