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Neumann KMS105 BLK


Superlative vocal performance condenser microphone

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Designed with superlative vocal reproduction in mind, the KMS 105 brings Neumann quality to the demanding sound reinforcement environment.
With its supercardioid polar pattern, low self noise and uncolored off-axis pickup, the KMS 105 complements in-ear monitor systems.
By employing a unique 4-layer acoustic filter, the KMS 105 minimizes popping and wind noise, and with special mechanical and electrical filters, handling noise
is virtually eliminated. Because of the superior resolution and linear frequency response, it is very easy for
the artist using the KMS 105 to identify whether he or she is “on mic”.
Acoustic features
When compared to other handheld vocal microphones,
the KMS 105 offers a superior resolution of the voice, with extended frequency response and accurate transient
detail. Sibilance problems common to other handheld condenser mics are eliminated.
No foam is used in the basket, thus eliminating any “clouding” or “muffling” of the sound.
Also, by using a DC-polarized studio condenser capsule, all the nuances of the voice come through with subtlety, power and focus.
The K 105 capsule was developed from the K 50, found in the KMS 150, KM 150 and KM 185 microphones. The K 105 features a supercardioid pattern, achieved by
specially modifying the response of the K 50 pressure gradient transducer.
The frequency response characteristic is developed in the acoustic realm, allowing for accurate representation of transient details found in music and speech, and thus transmitting a very “open” and detailed capture of the human voice.

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Technical Data
Acoustical operating principle Pressure gradient transducer
Directional pattern supercardioid
Frequency range 20 Hz...20 kHz
Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1 kohm 4.5 mV/Pa
Rated impedance 50 ohms
Rated load impedance 1000 ohms
Equivalent SPL CCIR 468-3 28 dB
Equivalent SPL DIN/IEC 651 18 dB-A
S/N ratio CCIR 468-3 66 dB
S/N ratio DIN/IEC 651 76 dB
Maximum SPL for THD 0.5% 150 dB
Maximum output voltage 12 dBu
Dynamic range of the mic. amplifier DIN/IEC 651 132 dB
Supply voltage 48 V ± 4 V
Current consumption 3.5 mA
Matching connector XLR 3F
Weightapprox. 300 g
Diameter 48 mm
Length 180 mm

*nickel or matt black finish available upon request


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