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Marantz PMD570

Rack Mount Solid-State Flash Recorder

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The PMD570 pro-installation solid-state recorder. The first rackmount recorder that can record an entire 8-hour day (or longer depending on the selection of recording format, bit rate and media size) without changing media, the PMD570 offers MP3, MP2, WAV and BWF format compatibility. It records directly to affordable, Compact Flash memory cards, which can be removed for easy file transfer to a computer or the files can be accessed by utilizing the I/O port. Featuring variable bitrate recording with user-adjustable sampling rates from 16kHz to 48kHz, the PMD570 provides unprecedented flexibility. Integrators and Installers will appreciate the PMD570's RS-232 control port both for control and to set up, maintain, and replace all pre-set settings via their PC. An advanced EDL marking system lets users mark and divide files in many different ways, as well as create new files on the fly during recording, providing easy file selection during playback. Marked files are recognized by the optional PMDEdit software, also available from Marantz Professional for easy file editing, management and archiving.

System Solid-state recorder
Number of Channels 2 (stereo), 1 (mono)
Usable Media CF memory cards, microdrives
Recording and Media Methods
.mp2 MPEG1 layer II compression
.mp3 MPEG1 layer III compression
.mp3 MPEG2 layer III compression*
*for all half sample rates
PCM 16-bit linear PCM
Power Consumption 5.3 W
Headphone Output Power 20 mW/32 ohms

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UPC: 699927440763

Dimensions (Maximum)
Width 483 mm
Height 52 mm
Depth 298 mm
Weight 3.0 kg
Recording Bit rate (Selectable)
MP2 Stereo 384, 256, 192, 128, 96, 64 kbps
MP2 Mono 192, 128, 96, 64, 48, 32 kbps
MP3 Stereo 320, 256, 160, 128, 80, 64 kbps
MP3 Mono 160, 128, 80, 64, 40, 32 kbps
Sampling Frequency Analog 48, 44.1, 32, 24*, 22.05*, 16* kHz
*except MP2
Digital 48, 44.1 kHz
Frequency Response (PCM 44.1 kHz) 20,000 Hz (-0.5 dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio IEC-A Weighted 88 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion at
0 VU (PCM) 0.01%
Dynamic Range 95dB
Balanced LINE IN L/R
Type XLR (1:GND, 2:HOT, 3:COLD)
Input Sensitivity +16dBu/@-12dBFS (+4dBu/@-12dBFS)
/60 k ohms
-19dB - +5dB Trim Control
Unbalanced LINE IN L/R
Type RCA jack
Input Sensitivity 500 mVrms/22 k ohms
Type RCA jack
Standard Level 2 Vrms max./300 ohms
Type RCA jack
Impedance 75 ohms
Standard Level 0.5 Vp-p
Sampling Frequency 44.1/48 kHz
Format SPDIF (IEC-958 type II)

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