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Fishman PowerBridge VT Tele-style

replacement bridge/pickup system that adds a new acoustic-like sound to your electric

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VT Tele-style

The Powerbridge pickup is a replacement bridge/pickup system that adds a new acoustic-like sound to your electric guitar. Imagine the creative possibilities!

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UPC: 605609105226

Combine your new acoustic sound with your existing electric guitar tone
You can also maximize the sound of your Powerbridge Pick Up with one of our Powertronic preamps
Allows you to blend the signal of the Powerbridge with your magnetic signal, either onboard or in a hands-free footpedal.
Professional installation required.

The American-made Fishman Powerbridge is the result of decades of transducer research by Larry Fishman - the preeminent authority on amplifying any instrument's natural acoustic sound.

Here's how it works. Every guitar passes vibrational energy back and forth between the strings and the body wood. This energy, which travels directly through the bridge, is what gives an instrument its tone. The Powerbridge takes advantage of this by placing a pickup precisely at the witness point of each saddle - the point where string meets bridge. This unique design senses the vibrations of the instrument's body wood like no magnet pickup can, setting free the natural acoustic potential of the instrument.

Keep the StratĀ® or TeleĀ® sound you love.
Simple to install, the Powerbridge in no way alters the integrity of the guitar. Plus, it's a totally passive, battery-free system. Because the Powerbridge replaces your instrument's bridge, rather than its existing pickups, it does nothing to change the signature tone you bought your instrument for in the first place. Instead, it acts as a additional pickup which can be used on its own, or blended with the other pickups to create a whole new category of guitar sound. You won't believe it until you hear it.

Guts, response and snap.

The hardened steel ball bearings in the Powerbridge act as string guides providing a smooth, quick action with plenty of snap and brightness. You hear the woody warmth of the guitar's body, along with the shimmer you expect to hear only from a steel-stringed acoustic.

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