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Hosa PBP362


PBP-362 Litepipe digital patchbay

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Ships with one MFO-363 Half-Normal
LitepipeTM Module. Blank Plates Cover Unused
Modules. (photo shows four modules loaded)
• Multifunction Design
• 1 Unit Rack Chassis-Holds Four Modules.
• Rear Panel Jumper Defeats Half-Normalling for
Non-normalled (straight-through) Operation.

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UPC: 728736021211

• Optional MSP-364 LitepipeTM Splitter Module (1 in,
2 out)
• AC/DC Adaptor (included) Powers Any Modules
Added Later
• Switching Jack in Bottom Front Position Features
Auto Sensing Circuitry to Detect Incoming Signals.

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