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TC Electronic G-Force

24-bit guitar multi-effects

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TC Electronic

Thanks to the unique matrix of the G-Force you can easily route and run the effects in any combination and order you wish. Another TC exclusive, the ParaLink real time modifiers, quickly and easily put you in control of all relevant preset parameters. Pitch-bend, After-touch, MIDI controller, Tempo, Envelope, 2 LFO's and 2 ADR's allow you to create the exact sound you want, regardless of style or complexity - from mild to wild…clean to nasty!

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Ditching your beloved stomp boxes and going digital often means losing the simplicity and flexibility of your pedal arrangement. Dealing with phone book sized manuals and interfaces made by and for computer expects, often drive creative musicians away from such space age machinery. One of TC's missions with the G-Force was to effectively address this problem!

Despite the front-end technology and advanced possibilities encompassed within the G-Force, it's a very flexible and easily approachable machine. You have the choice of simply using it as a linear chain of effects, or you can go beyond the use of any other known multi-effects unit, and explore the countless combinations and possibilities within the G-Force.


The G-Force is very likely to change your whole approach towards creating effects for your guitar. Very soon you will find yourself going from simple use of standards effects towards thinking up previously non-existing effects, like a tremolo that only kicks in when you play high notes. Simultaneously, you are controlling the level of a phased, distorted delay with your old volume pedal, that you set the G-Force up to use as an expression controller.


The G-Force is so intuitive and logical to use, that when you want something to happen and have a feeling that a particular parameter is the right one to adjust, you are probably right! No matter how deep you go, you will not lose your orientation, but you might end up with the coolest new effects you have never heard - and it's yours exclusively!


TC Electronic's proprietary DARC™ chip and the latest DSP technology make the G-Force the most powerful guitar effects processor ever made...by a wide margin. This also assures that the legendary G-Force Multi-Effects Processor will not run out of power before you run out of ideas.


In other multi-effects processors, the more effects and higher complexity of effects you load, the more the overall sound quality of the effects will suffer. Not so with the G-Force!

Unequalled DSP power makes it all possible: Now you can get the effects you want, any way you want them.

The transparency of the 24 bit A/D and D/A converters assures the sound quality will be unparalleled – and the G-Force is the first Guitar Multi-Effects Processor to offer 24 bit resolution, standard.


The power and integrity of your original tone will stay intact, even when running your entire signal through up to 8 full-blown effects simultaneously: Delay Pan/Tremolo Chours/Flanger Drive Reverb Filter/EQ Compressor Pitch* Naturally you can modify these 8 effect-blocks to give you such effects as: Stereo Hall, Over-Drive, Hard Compression, Fast Tremolo, Wah-Wah, Multi-tap Delay, Auto-panner and Noise Gate** - just to mention a few. *Note: The pitch effect features Intelligent Pitch-Shifting algorithms developed by Wave Mechanics. The G-Force is the first guitar effects processor to employ this groundbreaking software. Activating the Noise Gate will not count as one of the eight available effects, since TC Electronic has already added this feature in the input-section!


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