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Crest XR-20


12 Mono inputs + 4 Stereo inputs all with mic preamps & phantom power

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X-Rack Series rack mount mixers address a wide range of applications, including project studios, houses of worship, broadcasting, and all facets of live sound reinforcement.

Design focus
Crest Audio´s console engineering group has drawn from decades of large and medium-format console design to create a compact, feature-filled rack mount mixer that meets of exceeds what all other rack mount mixers offer in terms of quality, reliability and flexibility, regardless of price. AES-suggested grounding procedures are followed, resulting in excellent rejection of RF interference and ground-related noise. X-Rack mixers exhibit less than +/- 30 degress of input to output phase shift, which is significantly better than most other consoles. XLR connectors are used on all primary inputs and outputs, while 1/4" TRS connectors are used for inserts, making it easy to interface with most professional audio gear.

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XR-20 has 12 Mono inputs + 4 Stereo inputs (20 inputs total), all with mic preamps and individual 48 Volt Phantom Power Switches
The XR-24 is available with 8 Mono inputs, 8 Stereo inputs (24 inputs total), all with mic preamps and individual 48 Volt Phantom Power Switches
100mm faders on all inputs and Left, Right, and Mono (center) Outputs. 60mm faders on the 4 subgroups.
Four band EQ on all inputs
18dB per octave high pass filters on mono input channels
Insert on all inputs, subgroups, aux outs and L, R, & M outputs
6 Aux buses, selectable pre or post fader in pairs
Aux´s 1 and 2 can be configured as Level/pan for stereo operation
XLR L, R & Mono outputs switchable between Line and Mic level
Internal universal line voltage power supply
1/4" TRS and RCA connectors provided on Alt Output, Monitor Output and Tape Input


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