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MXR EVH90 EVH Phaser

Eddie Van Halen Version 90 Phase Shifter

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Dunlop has teamed up with one of the greatest guitarists of all time to offer an updated version of a classic effect. The EVH 90 Phase Shifter - a collaboration between Dunlop and Edward Van Halen - is a limited edition of the legendary MXR Phase 90. The Phase 90 is a huge part of the guitar tones of the early Van Halen records, creating the swirling, spacey sound on timeless songs such as "Eruption," "Atomic Punk," "Aint Talkin 'Bout Love," and many others.

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The EVH captures the warm, hypnotic tone of the vintage Phase 90 but it doesn't stop there. With a flip of a switch you can call up an intense, edgier phase tone. The EVH 90 features a rock-solid internal construction in an indestructible enclosure to ensure years of flawless performance. Add to this the Van Halen approved striped graphics from the guitar that changed the world and you have a truly unique piece of rock history.

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