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Alesis P4 Power Supply

Power supply for the Alesis QSR, DM Pro, Quadraverb Series, S4 and S4 Plus

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The recommended power supply unit for Alesis products including the QSR, DM Pro, MIDI Data Disk, Quadraverb Series, S4 , S4 Plus, Wedge and 1622 Mixer.

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MPN: P4 Power Supply
UPC: 000888884105

There are four different types of power supply for the North American market. If you are unsure which type you have, look it up on the chart below. The P2 and P3 are wall-mounted, and differ only in the type of plug at the end: the P3 is a barrel type (you can see a pin in the center of the jack), and the P2 is a mini-phone similar to that used on consumer headphones. (See the picture below.) The P2 has not been used on Alesis products for about 10 years. Both of these are AC transformers with an output of 10 volts AC, 7.5 VA current capacity.

The P4 is a higher-capacity "in-line" supply with an AC cable coming in, and a cable going out terminating in a connector that is the same size as a MIDI plug (but has 4 pins instead of 5).

Use only AC-Output power supplies for proper results with Alesis products! DC-Output power supplies are incorrect and can cause damage to your Alesis product. Part numbers are for United States voltage power supplies and cables only.

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