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Nady RSM-2 Platinum

RSM-2 Platinum

RSM-2 Studio Ribbon Mic

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For use in contemporary studios, it offers the unique natural sound previously only available on such classic large ribbon mics as the legendary RCA 44. Perfect for recording vocals, acoustic instruments, strings, horns, orchestras, choral groups, ambient instrument audio, and many live sound applications.

The RSM-2 delivers the uncompromised sound of a classic ribbon mic with its low-tension 2" 2-micron thick aluminum ribbon. It has smooth, natural response with extended low and high ends and delivers fast, accurate transient response.

The figure-8 pickup pattern offers extended sweet spots and increased off-axis high frequency reponse on the sides with decreased high response above and below on-axis (though with lower audio levels). Individual recording volume control of separate sources is enabled through the use of stereo mic setups where isolation is achieved by placing the source so that it is in the principal axis of one mic and the off-axis null of the other.

The RSM-2 has a machined housing with internal shockmount construction for rugged reliability and includes an integrated yoke mic stand mount, XLR cord, and padded carrying case.

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Unparalleled, uncompromised sound of a classic ribbon mic
Low-tension 2", 2-micron thick aluminum ribbon
Smooth, natural extended low and high ends
Fast, accurate transient response
165dB SPL capability
Figure-8 pickup pattern
Wide, extended sweet spots
Increased off-axis high- frequency response on sides
Ideal for stereo mic setups
Machined housing with advanced internal shockmount construction
Integrated yoke mic stand mount and XLR cord included
Soft padded carrying case supplied

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