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BBE BMAX-t Tube Bass Preamp

BBE Bass preamp/processor

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BBE Sound Inc has introduced the BMAX-T tube bass preamp/processor with applications in the recording studio and on the road.

Incorporating one of the company’s full-feature BBE Sonic Maximizers, the BMAX-T offers a class A tube preamp section resulting in true warmth, dynamic range, punch and clarity. Featuring a high voltage tube front end, the BMAX-T combines this with a solid state quasi-parametric equaliser and optical compressor. To maintain sonic integrity, all switches, pots and connectors are connected directly to the circuit board of the BMAX-T. Additionally, extra-wide and double-thick traces are used throughout. The front panel is constructed from 1/4 inch thick extruded aluminium and , topped off by the black-chrome, red-abalone topped knobs, the fit and finish of the BMAX-T offers a professional feel.

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Other features include a hand-selected Groove Tubes 12AX7 tube, Jensen DB-EPC output transformer, military spec circuit boards, 1% metal film resistors, FX loop, plus footswitches for the Sonic Maximizer and compressor functions. Further additions include interactive bright switch, inputs for both passive and active pickups, ground lift switch, balanced XLR and TRS outputs.

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