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Cool School CSi Master Logic

CSi Master  Logic

Logic Interactive Tutorial

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Cool School

Get more out of EMAGIC’s Logic Audio - the interactive way! Get hip to the basic concepts, operational ins and outs, and new features. CSi vol. 4 combines the Cool Breeze vibe with the practical expertise of Logic Audio pros. CSi tutorials are designed to include not just basic functionality, but real-world production techniques as well. You’ll get coverage of Logic Audio applications, system requirements, hardware and software configurations and set-up, concepts of Logic Song, Audio Objects, Instruments, Ports, Screen sets, and much more!

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About the Author:
Dave Egan’s 25 years of experience in media production began as a guitar player and singer. Always tinkering with sound recording equipment, he found his real calling in the recording studio, and subsequently began his career in audio recording and production. Credits in music recording include working for such legends as Kenny Rogers, Donny Osmond, Ted Nugent, and the band Kiss. Credits in audio for radio/TV include Oldsmobile, Dave Thomas for Wendy’s, Jack Hanna, and Bill Moyers for PBS. Film credits include working on the soundtrack for the motion picture, "Lean On Me". Dave’s B.A. in Developmental Psychology comes in handy when dealing with artists, and has lectured on various topics of media production at The Ohio State University, The Recording Workshop, and Full Sail Center for the Media Arts.

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