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Cool School CSi Pro Tools LE Starter

CSi Pro Tools LE Starter

Pro Tools LE Interactive Tutorial

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Cool School

Are you ready to jump in and learn the basics of Pro Tools LE?
This interactive tutorial CD-ROM is the ideal tool for hands-on learning! Pro Tools LE CSi Starter takes you through a basic production from start to finish and shows you how to get down to the business of producing a song. Sit back and watch a DAW pro show you the ins and outs and then switch over to Pro Tools and try it yourself. The CSi Movie Tutorial interface provides an easy-to-use and intuitive learning environment, as well as a title bar that allows you to position it on your screen and easily switch between your DAW and CSi tutorials. Pro Tools LE CSi Starter also includes a quizzing feature so that you can test your newfound skills as you go!

Course Technology PTR Pro Tools LE CSi Starter Table of Contents:
1. Set Up
2. Record
3. Edit
4. Mix

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Course Technology PTR Pro Tools LE CSi Starter Author Bio:
Colin MacQueen is a musician, composer, technical writer, sound designer and virtual audio engineer. He has been involved with the music and video industries for years, both in production and as a live performer, as a Digidesign distributor in Spain and as an educator on digital audio-related topics. Colin co-authored Pro Tools Power! and Digital Audio Dictionary and wrote and produced all the movie tutorials for the interactive CD-ROMs: "CSi Starter - Pro Tools LE", and "CSi Starter - Cubase SX2", and the IK Multimedia movie tutorials on "CSi volume 10". He was a contributing writer or editor on other CD-ROM volumes in the CSi series. In addition, he has served as an independent composer, producer and sound designer for many interactive CD-ROM titles. Colin is a freelance writer on digital audio topics and has taught digital audio courses at both the university level and at broadcast schools.

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