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Rocktron Prophesy II Open Box

Guitar Preamplifier with Effects

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The Rocktron Prophesy II Guitar Preamp with Effects is the single most powerful and sophisticated guitar effects system available today. It's comprised of 3 complete processors in 1. With dual 24-bit, 66MHz DSP processors providing 130mips of processing power, the preamp section features 4 channels: Clean American, Texas Blues, Vintage British, and Mega Drive each with its own distinct voicings to provide a vast array of tube amp sounds. In addition, every Prophesy II preset offers a parametric pre-EQ, a parametric post-EQ, and a parametric global EQ which effects all presets at the same time. The pre-effects section features way, compression, HUSH, and an assignable pre-effect of your choice. The post-effects section provides ultratransparent, high-quality effects which completely preserve the tone of the preamp. An ADSR (attack/delay/sustain/release) function features Rocktron's pluck detection, which allows you to configure any parameters to be controlled dynamically by each pluck of a guitar string. Other features include an assignable effects loop, a bypassable preamp section, assignable effects order, a built-in tuner, a tap button, stereo XL recording outputs, true delay spillover, MIDI volume control, front and rear instrument input jacks, and more.

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Dynamic Tube Replication Technology (DTR)
- User Definable Effect Configurations
- User Assignable Stereo Effect Loop
- Tap Tempo Delay and Tremolo
- Built-in Chromatic Tuner
- Stereo XLR Outputs
- Real Amp Knobs for On-The-Fly Tone, Volume and Preset Adjustments
- "Pluck Detector" (patent-pending) and ADSR for Dynamic Effect Control
- Pre and Post Distortion and Global EQ
- Pre Distortion Effects and Post

- Effects: Programmable Speaker Simulator w/ Parameters for Speaker Size, MIC Position, Reactance

- Input impedance: 470K ohms
- Output impedance: <150 ohms
- Maximuminput/outputlevel: +20dBu
- MIDI in: 7-pin DIN
- MIDI out/thru: 5 pin DIN
- Input jack: 1/4" mono
- Output jacks: 1/4" left and right
- Recording output jacks: XLR left and right
- Power requirements: 9VAC / 3.4 amps
- Dimension: 19" x 3.5" x 8", UL, CSA and CE approved operation

Open Box

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