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Evans TT16HBG


Hyrdaulic Black 16 Inch Tom Drum Head

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Another Evans exclusive, Hydraulic heads are heavy-duty, twin-ply drumheads that have an oil-filling between the two plies to greatly reduce drum resonance and, at the same time, emphasize the fundamental and lower overtones of the drum.
The oil acts a a natural muffler to decrease the sustain and increase attack without affecting the feel of the head, as internal and external mufflers often do. They have a solid attack and a controlled, quick sustain, and are best suited for rock.

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Developed as an alternative to uneven and inconsistent methods of internal and external drumhead muffling, Hydraulic heads have a dark, controlled tone coupled with good stick response and excellent durability; making them suitable for many studio recording and closely mic'd live playing situations.

Two ply
Oil filled
Fat, wet sound
Dry, short sustain
Great for general use, rock, live, or studio

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