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PCDJ DAC-3 Controller

Digital Audio Controller

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The DAC-3 (Digital Audio Controller) is a high-end hardware control unit that has been designed especially for today’s working DJ, live performers and the most demanding applications.

The USB 2.0 connection provides a lightning fast, realistic real-time feel. With the addition of MIDI capability, the DAC-3 is ready to go out of the box with any MIDI compatible application.
Whether it’s a DJ program or Live Sequencing application, the DAC-3 will give you the hands on tools needed to make your performance as professional as possible, with out the need for a keyboard or mouse.

So take a step into the future with the DAC-3. With its super cool, blue LCD’s and unmistakable PCDJ look, the new DAC-3 is the ultimate digital control surface.

• New 3 U design
• Midi compatible, will work with other software
• USB 2.0
• Designed with input from PCDJ users
• Sharp Blue LED
• Shipping June 2005
• Designed for integration with PCDJ software

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UPC: 048595841332

Fast USB 2.0 Plug and Play connection
3U standard 19" rackmountable
Midi compatible
Looks and feels just like a dual CD Player
Easy to use interface for any kind of DJ
One button beat match
One touch access to the looper
Sliders control Pitch or Volume
Mix now button cross fades into the next track
Once touch reverse button
One touch access to cue points
Play and sample or loop in reverse
One touch complete control of effects
No need for mouse and Keyboard
True instant start
Create loops and Cue points on the fly, perfectly synced every time
Displays for Players A and B
Play any sample or loop in reverse
Jog wheel to search for songs in recordcase, set cue points and easy loading
Lockable Pitch for both players, makes sure you are never out of Sync
12 volt power supply

*UPDATE Supported Software:

Numark CUE software (Also works with DAC-2)
Virtual DJ
Native Instruments Traktor
Club DJ Pro
Any midi supported product for the PC

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