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Personal Audio Assistant

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The PAA2 Personal Audio Assistant is a very sleek and light handheld audio measuring tool with loads of functions. It is not just aesthetically good looking, but importantly, it fits directly and comfortably in your hands so that you are able to effectively and efficiently do your job.

The audio assistant comes loaded with handy features like real time spectrum analyzer, phase tested, cable tested, a noise generator, a jog dial, and visible backlight to help you see your progress in the dark performance environment. The PAA2 is something every serious sound engineer should carry in the tool bag.

What you have been eagerly waiting for – the brand new Phonic PAA2 Audio Analyzer
The PAA2 is a super accurate palm held audio analyzer that gives the professional sound engineer the tools needed to set up any sound environment. With its 31 band real time spectrum analysis, SPL and line meter, internal noise generator, EQ setting program, microphone calibration and speaker phase checking abilities, the PAA2 is a bare necessity for any sound engineer. Its meticulous design, function and usability, sets itself from competitors. With a central job dial, all functions and menus can be accessed, leaving your other hand free to attend to other things. The new PAA2 connects instantaneously to any desktop of laptop. Don't underestimate the power of the PAA2 based on its small size. An array of functions await your unfolding. Behold the power of the PAA2.

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• Super Accurate Real Time Spectrum Analyzer – 31 band ISO 21Hz-20KHz 16 memory slots to store different position conditions and averages
• EQ setting program – programs EQ to achieve optimal and averages
• Speaker Polarity Tester to determine whether your speaker are in phase
• Super Accurate Level Meter for SPL and Line signals
• New Larger Display Screen – 160*160 dot resolution, contrast adjustable, and backlight for situations
• Calibration capable – calibrate the standard noise generator, within seconds
• Noise generator featuring total 29 tests sounds including, pink, 1 KHz and polarity signal
• Instant connection to PC for easy back and unlimited expandability
• Uses 4 batteries for convenient replacement
XLR connections
RS232 Com port computer connection

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