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Snoopys Harp Jaw Harp

Snoopys Jaw Harp

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Snoopys Harp

This instrument is known by many names. Most commonly it is referred to as a Jew's Harp. Other terms used include Jaw Harp and Juice Harp.

This instrument can be traced back over 1000 years making it one of the oldest instruments.

Many of us were first exposed to this instrument by the most famous of all Juice Harp Players, Snoopy! Snoopy even has his own signature model of Juice Harp.

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The Juice Harp is played by holding the instrument between the teeth and or lips. You then pluck the metal reed with your finger. This simple instrument gives you an amazing range of tones and pitches just by varying your mouth shape and degree of plucking.

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