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Dean Markley 8813 Yngwie Malmsteen Approved (10-46)

8813 Yngwie Malmsteen Approved (10-46)

Electric Guitar Strings 10 12 16 24 36 46

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Dean Markley

Gauges: 10 12 16 24 36 46

Unleash the fury with Dean Markley's Yngwie Malmsteen Signature ball-end strings! These are the only strings approved by the maestro himself! These special NickelSteel Electricâ„¢ strings sing with brilliance and response. If you want to play with precision & power check out these strings!

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Lars Johann Yngwie Lannerback was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on the last day of June 1963. But it would be another twenty years before Yngwie would stand the music world on its head once again. The intervening years before 1983 when Yngwie J. Malmsteen was officially discovered by the music industry provided an environment ripe for the development of a musical prodigy. Yngwie's first solo album, Rising Force made it to #60 on the Billboard charts, an impressive feat for a mostly instrumental guitar album with no commercial airplay. The album also gained Yngwie a Grammy nomination for best rock instrumental performance. He was voted Best New Talent in several reader's polls, Best Rock Guitarist the year after, and Rising Force became Album of the Year. Powered by the jaw-dropping guitar/ keyboard duals of Yngwie and longtime friend Jens Johansson, the band Rising Force blazed a trail on the concert circuit that established Yngwie as one of rock guitar's brightest new stars and added a new genre to the music lexicon: neoclassical rock.

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