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Dean Markley Blue Steel Bass Model 2678

5-String Light Bass Strings (45-125)

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Dean Markley

Brilliant Stainless Steel, Cryogenically processed electric string for two to three times the life of regular strings and a feel to die for.

Type: Bass, 5-String

Gauge: 045 060 080 100 125

4   4

MPN: 2678
UPC: 756004267801

Blue Steel strings are the world's first and finest Cryogenic-processed strings. Blue Steel strings are a total breakthrough in string technology. Starting with the very finest quality materials, Blue Steel strings are frozen to minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit, held there for an exact period of time and then slowly and carefully brought back to their original temperature. This unique Cryogenic treatment realigns the molecular structure of the string, giving Blue Steel more highs and lows, a longer life, and greater ability to stay in tune. Blue Steel strings are available for acoustic, electric, and electric bass guitars, and come in all popular gauges.

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