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SM Pro Audio Mic Thing w/ Stand

Microphone Isolation Panel with Boom Stand

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SM Pro Audio

The Mic Thing is a portable multi-purpose acoustic treatment panel suitable for minimizing room artifacts and improving separation during microphone recording sessions. Great for a range of applications including helping to control room ambience, minimizing spill from instrument amplifiers, or even creating temporary control rooms the Mic Thing is certainly one handy thing!

Good microphone separation and isolation means a cleaner recording and more controlled end result. Although the question of how much microphone separation is really necessary in any given situation, audio engineers around the world unanimously agree that if given the chance, they would rather be in control of these factors than not.

The Mic Thing can be mounted on just about any microphone, drum, or speaker stand up to 1 in. (25mm) in diameter. The Mic Thing's 2 winged panels can also be adjusted to create anything from a flat planar absorber to a tight semi circle enclosing the microphone. This way, the amount of separation and absorption can be easily be manipulated to suit requirements.

By Tightening the wing panel attitude, greater isolation and a dryer sound can be achieved. Varying the mic position will also affect the result.

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UPC: 000888883597

-Simple & affordable microphone isolation
-Great for all microphone recordings
-Quick and easy angle adjustment of panel wings
-Suitable for attachment to any microphone stand
-High density fire resistant, UV and ‘Ultra-fresh' anti-bacterial treated foam.
-Sturdy steel frame

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