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EMG EMG-81TW - Black

Active Coil Tap Humbucker

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The EMG-81TW humbucking pickup takes an EMG classic to a new level. The dual-mode design allows for maximum flexibility, with the original 81 providing all the crunch and aggressiveness it's famous for and an all new single-coil that features a fatter tone with plenty of punch and clarity. Either mode is accessed through a push/pull pot for versatility. Dual internal preamps, one tuned for single-coil mode and the other for dual-coil mode, give the 81TW two distinct sounds while delivering EMG's well known noise canceling technology in both modes.

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UPC: 654330101434

Package Includes:

• EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect™ cable [easily connect to other EMG accessories like the SPC Presence Control EXG Guitar Expander, or the PA2 Preamp Booster]

• Push/pull pot, output jack, battery clip set, screws & springs.

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