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EMG EMG-PA - Black

P-Series Active Bass Pickups

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The EMG-PA is a new bass pickup option based on one of our originals, the EMG-P. The new EMG-PA differs in that it uses Alnico V magnets featuring a solid cover cap with bar magnets. The P series has been the bass pickup of choice since it was developed, and like the original, the EMG-PA uses short, squat coils that have very little resistance and plenty of inductance. Because the coils are not in series like the passive types, there's about twice as much low end as a passive pickup. The new alnico magnet option adds openness and warmth for a more vintage tone. We have no doubt that the new EMG-PA, with its natural presence, powerful lows, expansive midrange, and superior definition, will be as successful as its predecessor.

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UPC: 654330401695

Package Includes:
EMG's exclusive Quik-ConnectÂȘ cable, prewired solid shaft volume/tone control set, output jack, battery clip set, adjustment screws.

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