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Korg D3200

Digital Studio with CD Burning - 32 tracks of simultaneous playback and up to 16 tracks of simultaneous recording

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A first-class recording studio.
KORG’s D3200 is the first in its class to provide up to 32 tracks of simultaneous playback and up to 16 tracks of simultaneous recording. Our completely new and interactive "Session Drums™" allow you to easily create a realistic and natural drum track for your entire song, simply by tweaking a few knobs. Packing powerful studio functionality into a portable package, the intuitive D3200 is the ideal choice when you need to create sophisticated, high-quality recordings.

Professional quality sound at an affordable price.
The new D3200 provides 16 and 24-bit uncompressed 44.1 or 48 kHz recording and playback. Up to 32 tracks of simultaneous playback and 12 tracks of simultaneous recording*1 are available. By taking advantage of the eight virtual tracks provided for each track, you can record a total of up to 272 *2 tracks. In the 24-bit mode, the digital data passing through the fader and EQ is recorded onto the internal hard drive as 32-bit data, ensuring even higher recording and playback quality. A 40 GB hard disk is standard. The internal processor uses 64-bit precision (maximum 69 bit), delivering professional-level audio quality.

*1 When recording at 16-bit 44.1/48 kHz. A maximum of 16 tracks can be recorded simultaneously using 12 analog inputs, S/P DIF inputs and the outputs from Session Drums™. When using 24-bit 44.1/48 kHz recording, a maximum of 16 tracks can be played back and a maximum of 12 tracks can be recorded simultaneously."

*2 Thirty-two tracks plus a stereo master track for mixdown (all with 8 virtual tracks per) are provided.

With our new interactive Session Drums™, your own studio drummer is always available.
Create dynamic drum tracks quickly and easily with the D3200’s totally new, built-in Session Drums™ feature. Using KORG’s exclusive Knob Matrix, simply twist the Group and Session knobs to choose the overall musical style, and use the Variation knob to select a pattern appropriate for your song. Breathe new life into your drum tracks by tweaking the Shuffle and Humanize knobs to produce subtle variations in the timing, accent, feel and volume of each drum hit. You can even customize the rhythm sounds themselves. With Session Drums™, you can create and record your original drum tracks – without time-consuming programming and step-recording.

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Sophisticated and versatile track editing tools.
Perform advanced and non-destructive track editing without impairing the high-quality sound with editing functions such as time expansion/compression, copy, erase, reverse, normalize and fade. A “learning” noise reduction feature removes unwanted ambient noise without impairing the original sound!

Versatile input section to accommodate nearly any recording situation – including high channel-count live situations.
Twelve 1/4” balanced inputs are teamed with eight XLR inputs jacks featuring high-quality mic preamps and +48V phantom power. Each of the eight phantom power supplies can be switched on/off independently, so you can mix and match your favorite condenser and dynamic mics to get the job done. The D3200 also features optical S/P DIF ins and outs and a dedicated guitar jack.

Powerful automated mixer section provides professional features and flexibility.
The D3200’s mixer provides a total of 44 input channels (32 recorder channels and 12 sub-mixer channels). Fader, EQ, pan, and effect settings can be stored as a “scene,” and up to 100 scenes can be saved and automatically recalled for each song, providing sophisticated automation. In addition, Dynamic Automation records and plays back individual fader and pan movements in real time, providing the freedom you need for creative mixing. Mixer parameters can also be controlled via MIDI .

An enhanced graphic display teamed with an all-new interface provides fast, intuitive navigation.
The D3200 brings ease of operation to a new level, with fresh innovations such as the unique Knob Matrix and Korg’s exclusive ClickPoint™. The Knob Matrix provides 16 real-time control knobs laid out in a 4 x 4 arrangement that can be used simultaneously to edit a variety of parameters such as the Session Drums™ or the effect processors. It’s an extremely natural “analog-feeling” interface. The 3-axis ClickPoint™ provides fingertip control that is much more immediate and satisfying than using a mouse or a track ball. ClickPoint™ can also be used as a jog/shuttle function when you’re scrubbing through audio. The 320 x 240 pixel four-level grayscale display uses immediately understandable icons and provides visual feedback of the many Knob Matrix functions.

High-quality effects deliver professional sounding results.
The D3200’s multiple effect processors use 56-bit internal processing to provide the highest audio quality. You can instantly select from 128 effect programs created from 52 different effect algorithms.

Album CD Project and internal CD-RW takes your musical ideas to completion.
The D3200’s built-in CD-RW drive can be used to backup/restore songs and user data, to import WAV files, or to create finished audio CDs. When creating an audio CD, you can use the Album CD Project function to easily create a production-ready CD that specifies the song order and even the length of the gaps between songs. The internal hard drive can be partitioned so you can work on multiple album CD projects at once.

Computer friendly.
The D3200 automatically allocates part of its internal hard disk as a 2/4/8 GB PC (USB) drive. *1 This area can be used to import/export WAV data between the D3200 and a computer DAW program via USB, and can also be used to load system data. D3200 user data transferred to your PC can be easily e-mailed or exchanged over the Internet. High-speed USB 2.0 is supported, so even large amounts of data can be transferred smoothly. In addition, back-up data created by other Korg D-series models can also be loaded.

*1 FAT32 is supported.

*Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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