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MXL MXL604 Dual Capsule Instrument Mic

MXL 604 Dual Capsule Instrument Miking System

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Building upon its predecessor, the MXL 603, the new MXL 604 delivers a wide dynamic range making this new microphone suitable for the most demanding instrument miking applications according to the company.
A cardioid condenser pressure gradient microphone with an interchangeable omni-directional capsule, the MXL 604 features a -10 dB attenuation switch that enables the microphone to better handle high sound pressure levels, along with selectable low frequency roll-off capability to compensate for proximity effect or to eliminate wind noise during outdoor recording. This combination of features makes the microphone the perfect choice for recording acoustic guitar, as well as ambient and overhead drum miking.

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The MXL 604’s transformerless design provides a solid bottom and an open top end sound. The microphone is internally wired with Mogami cable. This beautifully crafted microphone features a satin silver finish with etched engravings, yet its rugged design makes it a great choice for use on the road. The MXL 604 is supplied with mic clip, a windscreen, and a wood storage box.

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