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Vox Snake Charmer Compressor

Snake Charmer Compressor

Cooltron Tube Effects Pedal

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Tame your tone with the new Snake Charmer Compressor. The result? Silky smooth, mesmerizing tone that behaves as it should. The Snake Charmer's compression affects the ratio and threshold of the signal, smoothing out peaks and spikes. At the same time, the Snake Charmer also increases the Gain level to complement the corresponding ratio and threshold settings so that the overall gain remains constant.

There's also a Gain Reduction Indicator that gives you visual cues of the results of your settings. And a High/Low Switch lets you choose between two overall levels of ratio. The Snake Charmer is equipped with other controls for Attack, which determines how quickly the gain reduction kicks in, and Release, which determines how long the gain is attenuated. Finally, the High-End Emphasis control fine-tunes the amount of compression applied to the top end of the guitar signal.

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UPC: 603384039811

- Connection: Input: x1 (guitar input), Output: x1 (line output)
- Input / Output Impedance: 830 k-ohm / 4 k-ohm
- Tube: 12AU7 (ECC82)
- Power Supply: Four AA alkaline batteries or DC9V AC adapter
- Battery Life: Approx. 18 hours
- Current Consumption: 95 mA
- Dimensions: 168.5 (W) x 155.5 (D) x 64.0 (H) mm / 6.63" (W) x 6.12" (D) x 2.52" (H)
- Weight: 1,007 g (excluding batteries / 1,102 g including batteries)
- Included Items: Four AA alkaline batteries

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