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SM Pro Audio HP6

6-Channel Headphone Amplifier

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SM Pro Audio

The HP6 is a 6 channel headphone amplifier that can monitor up to 4 independent stereo sources with the flick of a switch. How many times have you wanted to listen to the mix through a pair of headphones at the same time as someone else but there were none left? Time to get a multi-channel headphone amplifier.

All studios require a flexible headphone amplifier to satisfy a multitude of monitoring needs. Sometimes you will need to distribute a stereo signal evenly to 6 sets of headphones. On other occasions, totally different mixes are required on each headphone. How can this be done? Enter the solution.... the HP6.

Featuring 6 high powered stereo headphone amplifiers each with independent volume control, the HP6 satisfies all your headphone monitoring needs. In addition, each amplifier can select its source from up to four stereo input signals connected at the rear of the unit.

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UPC: 000888879231

  • 4 Stereo line inputs
  • Channel Noise < -120dB
  • 6 headphone amplifiers
  • Distortion < .05% 20Hz- 20kHz
  • Volume control per channel
  • 110v-220v internal power supply
  • Selector switch for each input source (1-4)
  • Size: 45 x 482 x 152 (mm)
  • Headphone output impedance 22 ohm
  • Housing: Metal
  • Output level 300mW @ 33 ohm

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