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Korg CX3 Refurbished

CX3 Refurbished

Vintage Classic Combo Organ

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This is it - the real sound
A sound that hasn't been matched...until now.
The classic sound of a tone wheel organ, long considered unattainable even with modern technology, has been recreated to absolute perfection. Introducing the CX-3, the result of KORG's meticulous re-thinking of combo organ sound, keyboard touch, and classic appearance.

The KORG CX-3 first went on sale in 1979. Breaking through the monopoly of the legendary tone wheel sound, the CX-3 went on to become a favorite in its own right, and is still widely used by musicians in studios and on stages around the world. And now in the year 2000, the CX-3 has been reborn, making full use of KORG's acclaimed DSP technology, and reflecting painstaking attention to musically sensitive keyboard touch and exterior detail. The new CX-3 combo organ is the real thing.

Perfect DSP simulation of the system of a tone wheel organ.
Using its newly developed Tone Wheel Organ Modeling generator, KORG's advanced DSP technology precisely recreates the unique sound that, until now, could only be produced by a tone wheel organ. Two different tone wheel sounds are provided ("VINTAGE" and "CLEAN"), and the CX3's amazing realism extends to such details as allowing you to add the mechanical noise generated by the tone wheels (Leakage) and the ability to adjust the overtone levels of the tone wheels. Plus, you can connect an expression pedal and control volume and sound characteristics with your foot.

128 possible programs for immediate use.
With 128 programs including over 30 preset programs, the CX-3 is ready to cover a wide range of styles including pop, hard rock, jazz, gospel, and rhythm and blues. Detailed drawbar and parameter settings are displayed in an intuitively understandable way, and can be easily edited to create your own personalized sounds. Thanks to the contribution of leading organ players such as Brian Auger, Bill Champlin, Tom Coster, Al Kooper, Greg Phillanganes, Derek Sherinian and Dr. Lonnie Smith, the CX-3 also provides a number of these artists' "signature" sounds plus new voicings that take full advantage of this perfectly crafted organ.

Ultra-fast response maximizes your organ playing technique.
Careful attention has been paid to the long-neglected aspect of keyboard response speed. Conventional MIDI keyboards begin producing sound after the second key contact is reached, resulting in an unavoidable time lag between the moment the key is pressed and the beginning of the sound. The key scanning method used on the CX-3 starts the sound at the first key contact, ensuring a much faster response to your fingering. Notes speak more crisply, allowing glissandi and trills to be played with total authenticity.

Drawbars - the backbone of the organ sound.
The CX-3 provides two sets of nine drawbars just like the real instrument. By sliding drawbars in or out to mix various pitches relative to the fundamental, you can create the richly distinctive sounds of an electric organ. Careful attention has been paid to sonically emulate this system, including the proper foldback settings, and individual harmonic distortion for the truest tonewheel sound ever providing by a digital emulation. In addition, the CX-3 provides an EX mode in which the 18 drawbars can be fully utilized for new sound-creating potential. You can add new harmonics and control additional percussion harmonics to create new organ sounds that have never been heard before.

Percussion and key-click effects add character to your organ sounds.
The CX-3 also produces the unique percussive effects that add an authentic "clunk" to the notes. The volume, decay rate, and pitch (2nd, 3rd) of the percussion sound can also be adjusted and the percussion has the proper "multi-triggered-yet-monophonic" characteristic for authentic organ performance. And you can make settings for the key-click sound that is heard when you press or release a key, giving you the distinctive sense of attack that characterizes the classic electric organs.

Realistic rotary and spatial effects.
KORG's proprietary "REMS" modeling technology is applied to create effects that add further authenticity to the organ sound. The rotary effect that is so important for organs is recreated with total realism. You can even adjust the time required for rotation to stop after the rotor or horn switch speeds or stop the rotating altogether. This lets you enjoy real organ playing without needing a bulky and expensive rotary speaker system - simply connect to any playback system. Three types of amp simulator are provided to accurately reproduce the real rotary speaker sound, a classic tube amp sound, or a pre-amp only signal for running into a real rotary speaker cabinet. The simulation is perfect, ranging from mild and fat sounds to natural overdrive as you increase the volume. In addition, the classic vibrato and chorus settings of a true tonewheel organ are provided, along with three types of reverb, with adjustable tone and depth.

Split function lets you use two sounds simultaneously.
You can specify a split point and use different sounds in the left and right sides of the keyboard. This lets you use the single keyboard as if it were two, an UPPER and LOWER keyboard, so that you can move smoothly between playing different sounds on the same keyboard without pausing to press buttons. You can also plug in a second MIDI keyboard and use it to drive the lower manual sound for even more freedom in playing. The CX3 can also function as a MIDI controller, allowing you to layer other external sound sources on top of the organ sounds, and decide whether they play with or without velocity response for the ultimate in expressive capabilities.

Timeless aura and inimitable presence.
The sturdy wood chassis and natural wood side boards project an inimitable presence. Visible bolts and the cream-colored keyboard are just some of the details by which the CX-3 maintains a timeless aura that tells the musician they are playing a classic instrument. Drawbars, vibrato/chorus, and percussion switches are placed in the very same location as on the classic tone wheel organs, demonstrating a total commitment to the traditional playability of the organ.

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A Tone Wheel Organ Modeling system that perfectly reproduces a tone wheel organ's sound-producing mechanism.

128 programs for immediate use in a wide range of styles.

Keyboard with newly-developed key scan method captures every nuance of your touch.

Two sets of nine drawbars for sound-creating freedom.

EX mode allows both sets of drawbars to be linked for expanded harmonic and percussion settings for new sound possibilities.

Percussion and key-click effects for distinctive organ sounds.

Rotary and reverb effects created by "REMS" modeling technology.

Totally polyphonic - all keys sound even during a glissando.

Split keyboard mode with easy sound assignment for UPPER and LOWER keyboard areas.

Natural wood case for a timeless appearance.

Dimensions: 46 1/2" x 17" x 6 3/8"



*A factory repack with a full warranty. Product may have minor flaws or cosmetic imperfections.

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