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Middle Atlantic Pro Split Screen Pop Filter

Six inch revolutionary dual screen pop filter

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Middle Atlantic

The revolutionary design of the Split Screen Pop Filter ensures superior performance! Air Pressure Dispersion Technology (A.P.D.T.) provides the optimal amount of space between two engineered screens to eliminate all unwanted explosive 'P' and 'B' consonants better than traditional style pop filters.

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MPN: Ma-SS-B/01
UPC: 656747072918

- Utilizes A.P.D.T. to eliminate pops
- Outperforms traditional hoop style pop filters
- "Non-Parallel" surfaces eliminate resonant frequencies.


Air Pressure Dispersion Technology (A.P.D.T.) has been used in the development of the revolutionary split screen pop filter to remove all unwanted explosive 'P' and 'B' consonants. A.P.D.T. works by providing the optimal amount of open space between two engineered screens. The first screen diffuses the air that causes explosive consonants. The open space between the screens disperses air pressure that can build in hoop style pop filters, while the second screen removes any remaining explosive consonants.

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