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Active Ribbon microphone

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Inspired by the classic vocalists of the "Swing" era, our thoughts drifted away to the simply unforgettable voices of Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

The SIGMA’s speciality is to recreate the silky, rich tones that we heard from those old recordings, but without the ’pops’ and ’crackles’. Punchy low and mid frequency responses, combined with an ultra-smooth high frequency roll-off, produce a very natural image, almost making the instrument or vocal sound like it is in the room with you!

The SIGMA is phantom powered and its output is actively balanced which means, unlike most transformer-based ribbon microphones, it does not suffer from impedance mismatching problems and low output sensitivity. In fact, it is as easy to use as any other Sontronics condenser microphone – just plug it into your preamp and play!

Our circuit design delivers some of the lowest self-noise figures of any ribbon microphone on the market and the aluminium ribbon element itself is less than 2 microns thick, all of which goes to make a very accurate and responsive microphone.

Apart from its good looks, the unique shockmount system is extremely effective and allows the microphone to be placed close to the source with complete isolation from noise transmitted through the mic stand.

The applications for SIGMA are truly varied, but Broadcast, Vocal, Acoustic and Orchestral Instruments and Drums and Percussion are a few options you should consider.

Discover what the SIGMA can do for you; it may just change the way you hear things!

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- Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
- Sensitivity: 12mV/Pa -38dB ±1dB (0dB=1V/Pa 1000Hz)
- Polar Pattern: Figure 8
- Impedance: <=150 Ohms
- Equivalent Noise Level: 14dB(A-weighted)
- Max SPL for 0.5% THD@1000Hz: 135dB
- Power Source: Phantom power 48V±4V
- Connector: 3pin XLR

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