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Korg LCA-120

Chromatic Tuner

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The LCA-120 features an extra large backlit LCD which offers an easily visible meter area, while the display contains convenient tuning functions for accurate tuning as well as numerous functions that are helpful for lessons.

The flip top design allows you to close the LCA-120 to protect the LCD, while also making the unit compact for convenient transport. Closing the tuner will also turn off the power automatically, preserving battery life. When tuning, the backlight will automatically turn on when sound is detected.

The function buttons are arranged with plenty of space for comfortable operation and easy access.

Korg's own Sound Back mode is a tuning method in which you can tune using the meter display together with a reference tone generated by the LCA-120. When using a contact mic (such as the optional CM-100L) connect your instrument to the input jack of the LCA-120; the built-in speaker will produce a reference tone that's closest to the pitch of your instrument, and the display will indicate the difference between your instrument's pitch and the reference tone. This lets you tune both visually and aurally for greater accuracy and efficiency.

You can obtain pure-sounding harmonies by slightly adjusting the pitch of major thirds or minor thirds relative to the equal tempered pitches. The LCA-120's meter scale provides marks to indicate the position of pure major and minor thirds relative to a given pitch, and by tuning to match these marks, you can obtain beautifully consonant harmonies in an ensemble situation. This is convenient not only for orchestral instruments, but also for vocal or a cappella practice.

Even when the LCA-120 is powered-off, its backup memory functionality will preserve the temperament program, mode setting, calibration, and other settings you make. (These settings are preserved even when you replace the batteries.)

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MPN: LCA-120

- Scale: 12-note equal temperament, program (88 notes)
- Detection Range: A0 (27.50 Hz) to C8 (4186.01 Hz)
- Reference Tone: C2 (65.41 Hz) to C6 (1046.50 Hz)
- Tuning Modes: Meter mode (AUTO), Focus Tune mode (AUTO), Sound Out mode (MANUAL), Sound Back mode (AUTO)
- Calibration Range: A4 = 410 Hz to 480 Hz (1 Hz step)
- Detection Accuracy: Better than ±1.0 cent

Sound Accuracy:
- Better than ±1.5 cents
- Volume Detection Display
- Programmable Temperament Function

- Connections: INPUT (1/4"), Headphones (1/8" mini), DC IN (9V)
- Speaker: Dynamic speaker (16 mm x 35 mm)
- Power Supply: Two AAA alkaline batteries (3V) or AC adapter
- Battery Life: Approximately 60 hours (when tuner is operating with alkaline batteries, Meter mode, A4 continuous input and back-light off)
- Dimensions: 3.98" (W) x 3.31" (D) x 0.81" (H) (folded)
- Weight: 5.22 oz. (including batteries)
- Included Items: Two AAA batteries for checking operation, soft case

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