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Planet Waves PW-EXT-HD-10 Coiled Headphone Extension Cable

PW-EXT-HD-10 Coiled Headphone Extension Cable

10 foot Headphone Extension Cable

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Planet Waves

Unstable connections with weak cables can cause a lot of problems in your home or pro audio setup. This headphone extension from Planet Waves (a J. D’Addario company) won’t let you down. It is made with high manufacturing standards, is designed to last a long time, and will keep your connections solid and static-free. Wanna’ know how it is going to do that?

For an ultra clear sound, the 1/4 inch connection plugs are 24-karat gold-plated. To make the signals transfer over the connection even better, both ends of the cable have compressions springs. These 8 springs compress within the connection to create a light tension. That tension prevents the connections from coming apart and secures a constant solid sound transfer. Never worry about static coming through your headphones again.

The connection ends are made with a rigid plastic mold that is directly poured over a copper cylinder surrounding the soldering points to provide maximum protection and overall durability. Then a durable plug housing is overmolded on the connections. All this creates a durable cable that won’t let you down when you really need to depend on it. The cable is double-shielded and double-insulated, so it will prevent hum and triboelectric noise. Strain relief is also provided throughout the cable on the soldering points and plug tails.

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UPC: 019954940577

- Headphone Extension Cable
- 1/4" female to 1/4" male
- 24 Karat gold-plated plugs
- 10 ft.
- Compression Springs on both ends for secure connection and static prevention
- Double-insulated
- Double-shielded
- Strain Relief manufacturing
- Coiled Cable design
- Color Rings for easy cable labeling provided

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