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Sennheiser MD431 II

MD431 II

Dynamic Microphone with Supercardioid Polar Pattern and Hum Compensating Coil

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Sennheiser calls the MD 431 II a vocal mic, and it’s a great one. The MD 431 II is a high-quality, supercardioid dynamic microphone that sounds great and looks great onstage. The bonus is the MD 431 II’s performance in the studio, especially for snare drums and percussion instruments. That’s due to its presence peak above 2kHz, which provides accurate capture of percussive transients.

The MD 431 II’s supercardioid pattern has excellent noise rejection, which contributes to its stage performance. It has a custom-tailored frequency response to achieve added transparency. A nearly frequency-independent, polar pattern gives the MD 431 II incredibly high gain before feedback and provides uncolored off-axis response.

This generation of the MD 431 has a new rugged steel housing with a steel mesh grille to help it hold up onstage. Plus, The MD 431 II’s shock-suspended capsule, and a hum-bucking coil reduce handling and mechanical noise. Upgraded internal electronics handle proximity effect, and a recessed On/Off switch prevents embarassing dropouts.

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- Supercardioid dynamic mic for stage and studio use

- Exceptionally good feedback rejection

- Frequency response 40Hz-16kHz

- Shock mounted capsule provides very good rejection of handling noise

- Hum compensating coil

- Integral pop filter

- On/Off switch can be locked in the ’ON’ position

- Includes quick release clamp

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