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HHB CDR882 DualBurn

24-bit Dual Drive CD Burner

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The HHB CDR882 is a dual drive CD recorder designed from the ground up for uncompromised professional performance. A genuine REC-REC drive configuration supports seamless extended recording time across two or more discs, simultaneous recording of two discs, and high speed duplication, equipping the CDR882 for a wide range of professional applications including broadcast, music production, live sound recording, houses of worship and duplication.

The CDR882 features full 24-bit A/D and D/A converters and a highquality quartz crystal-derived internal clock. Unlike inferior CD recorders, the CDR882 uses noise-shaped dither onto CD (rather than simply truncating) to minimise quantisation error noise, while audiophile-grade analogue circuitry also plays a key role in ensuring superior sonic performance.

The CDR882 is compatible with a huge range of CD-R media (including data discs), both low and high speed up to 52X, enabling high-speed duplication from one drive to the other at speeds limited only by the media being used.

A full complement of professional features equips the CDR882 for a wide variety of pro CD recording and replay applications. Track IDs may be manually created, or auto-generated from the digital input, audio level threshold or time period, both user definable. When recording seamlessly across two or more discs, track IDs are inserted when the next disc starts, and where the user-definable fade out and fade in start and finish. With an overlap between the two discs, the whole program can either be played back uninterrupted in the CDR882, or easily reconstructed in a DAW using the track IDs to precisely align the audio from the two or more discs. The CDR882 supports CD Text, and makes its own use of it to identify multi-disc recordings and the correct order. . The versatility of the CDR882 is enhanced further by the inclusion of Sync Record and Disc Copy modes, a Program mode to enable selective track record/replay, and Single/Clone modes to select recording to one or both drives.

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MPN: CDR-882
UPC: 663839001534

- Frequency Response 5-20kHz ±0.5dB
- S/N Ratio 96dB (16-bit limit)
- THD+N 0.002% (16-bit limit)
- Channel Separation >100dB

Max Input
- Level 24dBu (XLR)
- 10dBu (RCA/Phono)

Output level (0dBFS)
- 20dBu (XLR)
- 6dBu (RCA/Phono)

Input Impedance
- >10kÙ (balanced)
- >5kÙ (unbalanced)

- Output Impedance <50Ù
- Headphone Output 1/4" stereo jack

Digital I/O
- S/PDIF 75Ù RCA/Phono coaxial
- S/PDIF TOSlink optical

- Word Clock Input 32-96kHz - 75Ù BNC with switchable termination
- Digital Input 32-96kHz via sample-rate converter
- Digital Output 32-96kHz via sample-rate converter

Remote Control
- Infra-red
- RS232
- 9-pin opto-isolated parallel

- Format CD audio recordable
- Compatible Media CD (playback); CD-R; CD-RW
- Power Supply 100-240V 50/60Hz
- Power Consumption 25W
- Weight (Ex Packaging) 6.7kg/14.7lbs
- Height with feet 95mm (3.75 inches)
- Height without feet 88mm (3.5 inches)
- Depth 322mm (12.5 inches)
- Width 482mm (19 inches)

Supplied Accessories
- Remote control
- 2 x AA batteries
- Power cord
- Operating instructions
- 2 x HHB CDR80HS recordable CD

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