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PCDJ Reflex is the all encompassing, real-time performance PC and MAC software solution for every type of professional DJ. Whether you’re a Club DJ, Turntablist, Producer, or Mobile DJ - Reflex offers the rock solid features you’ve been asking for, with the flexibility you’ve only dreamed of. Mix, Scratch, Remix, use VST plug-ins in real-time - all from your computers hard disc or ROM drive. Choose your method of control: time code, midi controller, USB HID device such as the DAC-3 - or any combination for any type of gig in any environment. Reflex can beat-sync for you seamlessly, or you can perform as you would with vinyl with ultra-low latency control. This is the only DJ mixing environment you will ever need.

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- 3 Track/Loop Players
- Interactive Waveform Display
- Support For Standard Digital Audio Formats
- Sample-Accurate Cueing
- Pitch Shifting and Tempo Shifting
- Scratching
- Performance Recording
- Automated Tempo and Beat Matching
- Single Touch Loops
- Fully Automated Digital DJ Mixer
- 3-Band EQ
- Flexible Monitoring Options
- MIDI Control Over All Relevant Panel Elements
- Automatic BPM Detection
- Automatic Bar Detection/Beat tracking
- Automatic Quantization control
- Normalization
- Turntable Brake
- Tempo Effects
- Play List Logging and Dynamic Lists
- Complete Media Management
- Plug-In Support
- Midi clock
- Customizable GUI

System Requirements:

- Windows XP, Pentium-II 800 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 16 bit sound card, CD-ROM 24x
- Windows Vista, Pentium-III 1.0 GHz, 512 MB RAM, 16 bit sound card, CD-ROM 24x

- Mac OS X, PowerMac G4 867 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 16 bit sound card, CD-ROM 24x

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