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Radial Tonebone - PZ-Pre

Acoustic Direct Box Preamp

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The Tonebone PZ-Pre Acoustic DI Box Preamp is equipped with piezo acoustic input signal boosters to allow both add-on instrument pickups and built-in, integral active preamps to be combined for a more natural rendering. It is compact yet full featured, designed for both studio and live performance.

The Tonebone PZ-Pre instrument preamp begins with two inputs for two instruments, which can be toggled using the toggle footswitch. If you want to use two pickups on a single guitar, a unique Mix function is provided that converts the two channels from "either-or" to both. There are separate level controls for each input.

The tone shaping on the PZ-Pre preamplifier is simple yet extremely musical. It features powerful bass and high controls with a semi-parametric mid. This is supported with a feedback eliminating notch filter with variable frequency sweep control and choice of normal and extra deep notch filtering. To help eliminate troublesome resonance, a dual slope low cut (high pass filter) is also provided. An internal polarity reverse can also be engaged to help eliminate run-away feedback.

To augment on-stage performance, the PZ-Pre Direct Box Preamp is equipped with a combination power booster and effects loop bus. This allows you to introduce an effect such as a chorus, or boost the signal for soloing with a simple foot stomp. A separate tuner out has also been provided along with a mute footswitch for on-the-fly tuning.

To facilitate all kinds of monitoring, the Radial PZ-Pre offers the most comprehensive output array ever: A standard instrument amp output sends the instrument signal to your personal amplifier. A pre-EQ balanced lo-Z balanced output is used to route the flat, pre-equalized signal the signal to the front of house mix position, while a second XLR out is post-EQ for onstage monitoring and in-ear systems so that the musician can get the sound he wants. XLR outputs are equipped with polarity reverse and ground lift.

Like all Radial products, the PZ-Pre features heavy-duty 14-gauge construction and is supported with a 3-year transferable warranty. Comes equipped with an external 15VDC power supply.

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- External 15VDC power supply
- Input impedance regular: 6.8 kOhm
- Input impedance piezo: 10 MOhm
- PZB boost level: 10dB
- Low cut roll-off pos-1: 75Hz
- Low cut roll-off pos-2: 220Hz
- Notch frequency range: 56Hz to 330Hz
- Notch Q setting-1: 8dB
- Notch Q setting-2: 15dB
- Low frequency type and spec: Shelving type +/- 12dB @ 75Hz corner freq
- Mid frequency range, type and spec: Parametric +/- 12dB 82Hz to 5.6Khz
- High frequency type and spec: Shelving type +/- 12dB @ 7.5Khz corner freq
- Boost level: 12dB
- Effects send & receive : -10dB, Send 1 kOhm, Return 15 kOhm
- Polarity Switch: 180 degrees (absolute phase reversal)
- Input-1: 1/4" unbalanced
- Input-2: 1/4" unbalanced
- Insert send & receive: Send 1 kOhm, Return 15 kOhm
- Output instrument: Hi-Z, coaxial, 1 kOhm
- Output Tuner: Hi-Z, coaxial 6.8 kOhm
- Pre-EQ: XLR male balanced mic level 600 ohms
- Post-EQ: XLR male balanced mic level 600 ohms
- Dimensions: 8" x 4-1/4" x 1-3/8" (203 x 108 x 35mm)

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