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Fender Vintage Metal Sign - Axis

Vintage Metal Sign

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The phrases "Building a Better Tomorrow" and "Progress in Tonality" harkin back to the post-war days of the late 1940's, when Leo Fender was just getting started! Made from super heavy-duty 24 gauge steel, these antique metal signs are a must. Each custom Axis & Allies sign measures 12" x 24", comes with four small metal grommets on each corner for hanging purposes, and is individually antiqued for that vintage, relic feel. NO TWO SIGNS ARE THE SAME!! Individually, they're strong pieces of art, but together they make any wall complete! Hang 'em anywhere...

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- Just like some of Fender's beautifully crafted Custom Shop guitars, each antique sign has been placed under a "relic" process. Each sign has been scratched, dinged, rusted, and chipped on purpose to give each piece a truly antique feel and originality

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