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Paige Banjo Mandolin Capo Smoke Black

Banjo/Mandolin Capo-Fits up to the 4th Fret on a 5-String

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The Paige Banjo Mandolin Capo is used by world-class musicians. The Paige capo is ultra-thin to complement the instrument and moves quickly and easily. Simply apply the minimum pressure until the strings voice clearly and controlled tension ensures there's no buzz or string muting. Store it behind the nut when not in use to save time.

BANJO CAPO that is made specifically to fit the narrow neck of your banjo, mandolin, or ukulele.
CONTROLLED TENSION: Outsert radius keeps your 6-string guitar strings centered when bending to reduce buzz and muting.
DELIVERING RESULTS: Get buzz-free sustain with a more natural, bright sound almost as if you were not using a capo.
MUST HAVE INSTRUMENT ACCESSORY that moves quickly and easily with 1-handed action.
MADE IN U.S.A: Family-owned business that crafts each guitar capo for acoustic or electric guitars by hand.

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UPC: 180688000346

  • Controlled tension
  • No buzz or string muting
  • Moves quickly and easily
  • Stores behind the nut
  • Max. width: 1-7/16"
  • Closed depth: 3/4"
  • Open depth: 1-1/8"
  • Made in the USA

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