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Allen Heath ZED-R16

16x4 FireWire Recording Mixer with 4 x32 ADAT Ports

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Allen Heath

ZED-R16 combines an imaginative feature set with professional build quality to create the ideal centrepiece for any project studio with big ideas, or larger studios with dedicated live rooms. Control room speaker and alternate speaker outputs, plus two separate artist monitor feeds are provided. In addition to the digital inter face, two analogue recording outputs are also available. The ZED-R16 even has a dedicated internal condenser talkback mic. Features such as the dual function audio/MIDI faders and built in sequencer transport were dreamed up by engineers here at A&H who have home studios themselves, so they've made sure they've built in features they really need.

The internal soundcard features 18 FireWire inputs and 18 outputs plus 16 ADAT I/O. Each channel on the mixer has its own independent soundcard channel so instruments can be recorded simultaneously (pre or post EQ) and into the sequencer separately. To minimise clock jitter and provide synchronicity between the ZED-R16 and other devices, the mixer is equipped with the professional JetPLL™ digital audio chipset.

In addition to multi-track recording, the ZED-R16 allows mixing down in analogue, then recording back into the computer in digital. The bundled SONAR LE software makes this a breeze. The story doesn't stop here however - ZED-R16 can be a versatile live FOH mixer too. In this mode, its 4 aux buses become foldback feeds and FX sends, and the main XLR outputs feed the PA system. Recording the live gig is straightforward; the record feed signal can be easily assigned using the four buttons next to the faders.

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UPC: 000888886314

- Two FireWire ports for recording and daisy-chaining
- 4 ADAT ports
- 16 mono inputs / microphone preamplifiers
- 2 stereo in puts
- 4-band fully-parametric EQ
- 4 aux sends
- 1 stereo bus
- 2 stereo returns
- Built-in condenser talkback mic
- Can record pre or post EQ
- JetPLL jitter-reduction technology
- Extensive MIDI control options
- Cakewalk SONAR LE music production software

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