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Maxon AD999 Pro

Analog Delay Pedal (900ms w/multi-tap)

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Recently there's been a glut of affordable analog delay pedals showing up on the market, and while the competition may be able to build them cheaper, they simply can't build them better than Maxon. The Maxon AD999 Pro proves this point and once again raises the bar for what users can expect from an analog delay unit.

The AD999 Pro takes the features of two of Maxon's most advanced delay units and combines them into a single, powerful package. Based around Maxon's popular AD999 circuit and featuring the same four custom-made Maxon MC4107D bucket brigade IC's, the 'Pro offers the same 900 milliseconds of fat, warm analog delay tone as that top-selling model.

Borrowing from the AD-9 Pro circuit, the delay repeats of the AD999 Pro are then filtered using Maxon's proprietary RMS level sensor and companding noise reduction circuitry to provide the most pristine, low-noise analog delay tone available. With this new noise reduction circuit, aliasing and clock noises that were considered typical in analog delay units have been minimized to the point that they are virtually non-existent. With a Dynamic range that is 18 dB wider than most other delays and a maximum input level of +12 dB, the AD999 Pro can be used with any input signal. This improved low range response yields a bold sound not normally associated with analog delay, and the superior balance between low and high range that the AD999 Pro offers creates a delay tone that is simultaneously clear and firm yet retains the characteristic warmth of analog. Furthermore, the wider dynamic range allows the AD999 Pro to be used in the effects loop of any amplifier without creating signal distortion or level disparities.

The AD999 Pro features a new "Multi-Head" mode that is operated via three top-mounted mini switches. In Multi-Head Mode, midstream delay signals (which are taken from the middle of the BBD delay circuit) are added to the normal delay signal to emulate the sound of Tape Echo multi-head operation. These feedback loops can then be selected by the user in a variety of combinations to create complex multi-tap delay repeats and rhythmic delay effects such as triplet- and sixteenth-note rhythms against the main delay repeat. The Multi-Head mode can also create a striking Tape Echo simulation, or it can be used to create ambient effects such as large room and concert hall reverberation.

The AD999 Pro features Maxon's now-standard DC to DC voltage converter and regulator circuit which assures consistent performance of the effect regardless of AC power fluctuation. The AD999 Pro also ships with the new Maxon AC2009 power supply. The AC2009 provides very consistent high current that is regulated and filtered to provide stable, noise-free power. The AC2009 is auto-sensing, so it can be used anywhere in the world by simply changing out the detachable plug cord on the output side of the PSU.

Topping off this amazing delay unit are stereo (wet/dry) outputs that allow panning of the delay signal to two amps or mixer channels. Like all new Maxon models, the AD999 Pro features mechanical true bypass switching on both outputs via a custom 4PDT low-noise switch.

The Maxon AD999 Pro sets a new standard of analog innovation and audio purity for the discerning musician. Just when they think they have the answer – Maxon changes the question.

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MPN: AD999pro
UPC: 4515615005587

  • Input Impedance 500K Ohms
  • Output Impedance 10K Ohms or less
  • Residual Noise -100 dB (IHF-A)
  • Delay Time 80-900 milliseconds
  • Switch BYPASS/EFFECT (mechanical TBS, MULTI-DELAY 3/8, 4/8, 5/8
  • Current Consumption 72 mA / 9 VDC
  • Power Supply Maxon AC Adaptor
  • Dimensions 120 mm (W) x 152 mm (D) x 60 mm (H) / 4.75" (W) x 6" (D) x 2.35" (H)
  • Weight 630 g (excluding AC Adaptor) / 22.25 Oz.
  • Accessories: Maxon AC Adaptor (AC2009)
  • Option Adaptor Type (for foreign countries)

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