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Planet Waves Black Ice Pick Pack Medium Gauge

Black Ice Pick Pack Medium Gauge

10 Pack Duralin Pro Picks - Medium Gauge

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Planet Waves

Planet Waves’ new Black Ice picks feature a custom Jazz shape perfect for speed picking and precise articulation of single-note passages while maintaining a balanced tone with bright attack. Ideal for both rhythm and lead work, the Black Ice picks also offer triple "tumbled" soft-touch texture to provide smooth surface as well as superb grip which significantly decrease a player’s chances of dropping the pick.

Black Ice picks are made from Planet Waves’ Duralin material. Duralin is ultra-duable and designed to deliver both strength and resilience, while also resisting abrasion.

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MPN: 3DBK4-10
UPC: 019954958961

- Medium Gauge

- Black Ice guitar picks feature a custom oversized "jazz" shape that is designed for speed picking and where precise articulation is required.

- Perfect for both rhythm and single note lead work

- Triple "tumbled," creating a soft-touch texture that provides an incredibly smooth surface and a superb grip

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