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Numark NDX400

Tabletop Scratch MP3/CD Player With USB

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NDX400 is an advanced scratch MP3/CD player that can also play from a USB flash drive for cutting-edge performance. Numark's Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection technology keeps music playing, even when vibrations might cause other players to skip. Three hot cues and large scratch wheel empower your creativity. NDX400 is a flexible, slot-loading player that not only plays standard CDs, but it can also play MP3 CDs for lengthy playback from a single disc. Additionally, the unit can play from a USB flash drive for even more music-format flexibility. For easily navigating through folders on MP3 CDs and USB flash drives, NDX400 has an easy-to-read text display. NDX400 has advanced braking for vinyl-style stopping of playback, and a reverse mode that enables you to incorporate even more special vinyl effects. The player also offers three hot cue points for quick access to key points in the track. NDX400 features seamless looping for creating and integrating loops in instant remixes. Single, continuous, and programmable playback modes enable you to control playback order and create custom playlists. NDX400 also has fader start, which starts NDX400 playing when you move the crossfader on a compatible mixer. NDX400 is a powerful, rock-solid player for a variety of music formats. Professional DJs and weekend warriors alike will appreciate NDX400's great mix of features and capabilities for a surprisingly affordable price.

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UPC: 927657417596

- Rugged, tabletop, slot-loading MP3/CD player

- Perform with CDs, CD-Rs, and MP3 CDs

- USB input for performance with flash drives

- Reverse mode for special effects

- Three hot cues for quick access to key points in the track

- Large scratch wheel for performance

- Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection technology

- Seamless looping for creating and integrating loops

- Text display for navigating folders on MP3 CDs and USB flash drives

- Braking for vinyl-style stop


- NDX400 CD player

- Audio cable (RCA, stereo)

- Power cable

- Quick start guide

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