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Access Virus TI2 Desktop

Analog Modeling Desktop Synthesizer and 24-bit/192kHz Audio/MIDI Interface

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The Access Virus TI2 Desktop synthesizer takes the revered Virus TI to the next level, boasting 25% more calculating power, a more robust onboard effects section, a lighter weight, and a completely redesigned housing. At the heart of the Virus TI2 Desktop is the new OS3 which comes with new effects - Frequency Shifter, Tape Delay, new Distortions, and Character. What's more, it now includes the enhanced Virus Control 3.0 plug-in, giving you even deeper control of the synthesizer and your many presets. Already a known Ferrari of a synth, expect even more from the Access Virus TI2 Desktop.

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- New Effects, including Tape Delay, Frequency Shifter, new Distortions, and Character
- 25% more calculating power than Virus TI, and completely redesigned housing
- Dual DSP system with over 80 stereo voices under average load. (Load depends on which oscillator / filter model has been chosen).
- Virus Control 3.0 VST and Apple Audio Unit Plug-for Mac OS X and Windows XP. The remote seamlessly integrates the Virus TI into your sequencer, making it feel just like a plug-in.
- The Virus TI's Audio and MIDI inputs and outputs can be used by the sequencer application as an audio and MIDI interface.
- The Virus TI is the first hardware synthesizer with sample-accurate timing and delay-compensated connection to your sequencer.
- WaveTable Oscillators for a completely new array of sounds. WaveTable and conventional Virus oscillators and filters can be mixed.
- HyperSaw oscillators with up to 9 sawtooths - each with parallel sub oscillator per voice (that's over 1800 stereo oscillators @ 100 voices!).
- Independent delay and reverb for all 16 multi mode slots.
- 129 parallel effects. There is reverb and delay, chorus, phaser, ring modulator, distortion, 3 band EQ and the Analog Boost bass enhancer.
- 2 multi-mode filters (HP, LP, BP, BS) and the Analog Filter (modeled after the MiniMoog cascade filter with 6-24 dB Slope and self-oscillation).
- Dedicated remote mode turns the Virus TI into an universal remote control for VST / AU plug-ins and external synthesizers.
- 6 balanced outputs with +4 dB level and switchable soft limiting algorithm. Studio grade 192 khz D/A converters with S/PDIF digital I/O. 2x24 bit inputs. Surround sound capabilities
- Tap tempo button. The algorithm is based on Access' Sync Xtreme technology.
- Programmable arpeggiator pattern for every patch.
- Knob quantize for creating stepped controller movements. The stepping automatically syncs to the Virus clock or an incoming MIDI clock.
- 3 LFOs with 68 waveforms to choose from.
- 2 super fast ADSTR envelopes.
- Extended memory: 512 RAM patches and 2048 ROM patches (rewritable).
- Adaptive control smoothing for jitter-free modulations on all important parameters.
- Multi mode with embedded patches.
- Compatible with USB 2.0 specifications, USB and High-Speed USB devices.
- 2 pedal inputs.

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