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Sonor Phil Rudd AC/DC Signature Snare Drum - 5x14 Inches

Phil Rudd Signature Snare Drum

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Celebrating the 30+ years of relationship, Sonor and Phil designed a Signature Model that is all about Phil's sound. The Snare Drum is based on Phil's all-time favorite Snare Drum, the Sonor Horst Link Signature Brass model, while adding exciting new features and face. The final prototype Snare Drum was presented to Phil in early 2009 during the Black Ice World Tour and used from thereon.
The Snare Drum is made out of a 1 mm Chrome-over-Brass Shell and comes with the latest Double-Lugs that include the internal TuneSafe feature. A very important feature for Phil, stating 'Huge concert tours like the Black Ice tour require fully functional gear, and the TuneSafe feature has been a stable one when it comes to the ability of keeping the drums in tune'. Die Cast Hoops add a nice crack, while the sound overall is to be described best as focused, dry and cutting. All hardware comes in Chrome. With a diameter of 14 inches and a depth of 5 inches, it is truly homage to the Horst Link Signature Model Drum that has been with Phil during the past years on worldwide tours and in Studio. Besides the Signature Badge, Phil's Signature is engraved on a Re-Issue of the Signature Badge, adding a Vintage touch.

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MPN: SSD091405PR

- Die Cast Hoops
- TuneSafe
- Throw-off snare action
- Chrome plated
- Protection lacquer
- 1980s Signature Series Style Badge with engraved signature of Phil Rudd
- 14 x 5 inches
- Chrome over Brass Shell
- 1mm Shell Thickness
- Tension Rods- 2 x 10 pieces
- Batter Head- Sonor Head made by Remo
- Resonance Head- Sonor Head made by Remo
- Snare Wires- 20 Steel Wires

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