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Metric Halo LIO-8

Digital Audio Processor

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Metric Halo

The LIO-8 is a modern conversion system. Combining world-class conversion and interfacing, the LIO-8
provides mastering room, archival quality conversion at multichannel prices. From a quality perspective, the LIO-8 provides a complete mastering toolkit - ready to drive a mastering suite. With transparent converters (A/D/A conversion is inaudible) and transparent reciprocal processing, the LIO-8 provides a load-in, monitoring and processing interface for any mastering suite. Eight channels of conversion and AES interfacing allow for multiple analog and digital processing signal chains as well as monitoring and processing in surround. If more analog processing chains are required, additional LIO-8s may be added. The LIO-8 can also be combined with ULN-8, 2882 and ULN-2 units in a complete recording system. The integrated mixer in the LIO-8 is not a mere cue mixer. It is a complete digital console with mono to 7.1 bus support, monitor control section, instantiable delay-compensated processing with full delaycompensated send and return support in the mixer. Not only can you mix monitor mixes for performers with essentially zero latency, you can also mix the show live for an immediate stereo reference. At mix down time, utilize the acclaimed mixing and processing engine in the LIO-8 as your ultra-highquality digital outboard summing system. Or, if you are an analog-summing aficionado, you can use the exceptional converters in the LIO-8 to drive your analog summing bus and capture the results. The LIO-8 A/D/A is penalty free. But as many engineers have discovered, the exceptional mix-bus quality of the 2d Mix engine coupled with MH's exclusive Character processing may leave you wondering why you would go to the trouble to use an analog summing bus, as it is already in the LIO-8.

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MPN: 000-50007
UPC: 008474925935

  • Eight channels of archival quality, zero-phase distortion DC-coupled, calibrated 192k A/D
  • Ten channels of archival quality, zero-phase distortion DC-coupled, calibrated 192k D/A
  • Two channels of exceptional ultra high-Z direct input for instruments
  • 8in/8out 192k AES interface (single wire)
  • Full-featured front panel tactile control surface for standalone and connected operation
  • Eight channels of analog domain send (active split before conversion)
  • Metric Halo's exclusive per-channel selectable Character
  • Word Clock in and out
  • Digitally-controlled analog domain 7.1 monitor control
  • Full-featured fifteen segment precision metering
  • SMPTE I/O channels
  • MIDI I/O for direct connect of Mackie Control protocol control surface
  • Integrated mixing and deep instantiable DSP processing w/basic plug-in bundle
  • Rock-solid stability — mature, real-world-tested firmware, & time-tested fifth-generation Mac
    OS software and drivers
  • FireWire interfacing with ultra-stable, ultra low-latency drivers (FW400 & FW800 supported)
  • Exceptional power performance (only 25 watts - DC powerable)
  • Low mass (5.7 lbs. / 2.6 kg.)
  • Extremely compact (everything in 1 RU)
  • Rack-mountable

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